Anders Hahne is a guitarist and member of Heavy metal band Syron Vanes.
He is also an independent music producer and have produced many bands mostly in the heavy rock vein.
Growing up listening to 70’s rock, bands like Kiss, Starz, Angel, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Sweet.
The powerful music made a great impact and the passion for rock kicked off.
At age 12 he made a decision to play drums but after 2 years the guitar became his new instrument because it looked cooler and it also made it easier to create music.
1980 Syron Vanes was formed and a year later they recorded one song for an album called ”Skansk Rock”.
Today very sought after by diehard fans.
1983 after a couple of concerts in Germany Syron Vanes signed the record deal with Ebony Records
after founder Darryl Johnston heard one of the demos the band have made.
The album ”Bringer of evil” was released 1984 and sold about 100 000 records and are still selling today!
1985 The album ”Revenge was released and followed up with touring.
No more records were made but the band kept on touring and playing gigs.
On a sidetrack Anders is also a working music producer and mixer. 1995 he decided to open his own record studio
called Smallhouse studios. He has recorded and produced to this date nearly one hundred local bands and artists.
2003 Syron Vanes album ”Insane” was released and a couple of gigs were made and also a concert at Sweden rock.
2004 with all the studio work Anders left the band.
2005 Anders mixed Syron Vanes new album “Property Of” it was released 2006